Thursday, January 19, 2017

Traveling With Children.

Contemplating traveling with children. 

My friends are taking their children to Europe and want my husband and me to come with them—with our children.

My response?

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

And then I *shuddered.*

I don't enjoy traveling with children. Yes, I'm the mother of two children. But traveling with siblings is like traveling with two of your worst Facebook friends. Imagine the two friends who love to argue  and post nothing but long streams of apocalyptic political claptrap from both sides. Now imagine yourself stuck on a plane with them for eight hours. Now imagine you're sharing a hotel room with them. You're eating every meal with them. You're dragging them through foreign streets while they shake their fists at each other and shout statistics and quote Matt Walsh.

*Shudders again*

My kids can argue over anything. They argue over who the cat likes more. They argue over what their favorite color is. They argue over who sat next to me last. They are six years apart and it doesn't matter. They could be one year apart or two or three. The sibling dynamic is strong regardless of the difference in age.

What I'm trying to say is, I don't want them to ruin Europe for me.

At least not while my youngest child is still fluent in Whinese.

The only time they stop bickering is when they are near large bodies of water—chlorinated, salted or unsalted. If there's a beach, they are suddenly best friends. If there's a pool, they play contented for hours.

But city streets and historic sites? Aw hell no.

My youngest mentioned wanting to go to Greece. It's funny, because I want to go to Greece too. I've always wanted to go and then I recently read a biography about Leonard Cohen. He spent a year or so living on an island with other poets and writers. It romanticized it all the more. I even wrote a short story about it.

Greece has beaches.

I might consider Greece. With a nanny.

But they're not going to London and Paris.

No one but no one ruins Paris for me. Personne!


  1. Greece?! Count me in as the nanny!

  2. Out of four kids, no one argued more than the two who were 10 years apart. Go figure. (Can I go to Greece with you? I'll nanny the 6 year old. I like her spunk.)

  3. At least they would look adorable while they ruined.

  4. Hi Mandy.
    Years ago I have traveled with my young teenage sons and found
    with new places and people we three had a great time. One five thousand mile trip by bus took us from our home in Western Colorado to Texas, my daughter and family, on to New York City
    where we had a great time. Then, two thousand mile trip back to our home. The next year, by plane to New York City.
    My oldest granddaughter called me one December. she was 17, and asked if I would show her New York City. The next summer we were in NYC.
    I have one question. If you were the age of your son or daughter
    would you want to see Europe?
    My travels in Europe...fantastic.
    I hope you decide to show your children Europe, a life-time memory.
    Sincerely, Richard O.

  5. We took our four children to Rome, and then a few years later, took them all to Lisbon. I know there was some bickering and complaining, but what I remember most was what fun it was.