Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spinning Tomatoes

Grace: "Do you like tomatoes?"

Me: "Sure."

Grace: "Do you like them in the sky? In the wind with the sun?"

Me: "Sure. Tomatoes need the sun to grow."

Grace: "You like when they spin around?"

Me: "Tomatoes spin around?"

Grace: "Uh huh. In the sky with the wind."

Me: "Tomatoes spin around in the sky with the wind?"

Grace: "Uh huh. And we have to hide like this (puts hands over head) when the tomatoes spin in the sky but I really want to see a tomato."

Me: "You mean a tornado?"

Grace: "Yeah. A tomato."


  1. LOL this is hilarious. What about a tornado of tomatoes??? Could be messy, but tasty if you like ketchup.

    1. I couldn't understand why she was going on about tomatoes in the sky at school. Heh.

  2. I hope she remembers tomatoes in the sky when she grows up.

  3. Next time I order a BLT, I'm asking for extra tornados.

  4. Love it. Had a similar conversation with my daughter about 12 yolks mall in Novi.

  5. See, I was TOTALLY lost until the very end.

  6. I hope at school she gets to yell 'tomato alarm' someday. Although not with a real tomato brewing. Just a practice drill.