Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Animal Sacrifice Chic.

I've been trying to come up with a new theme for my home decor. I found this coffee table in the Anthropologie catalog and it really spoke to me.

Yes, those are stone dogs under glass.

Look into their eyes. They will eff you up. That dog is clearly communicating, "Don't even think about putting your cup on this table without a coaster."

Then I saw this side table and it seemed a little spare. It needed something beyond twine handles.

Yes. This. White ceramic animals. A Deer-Goat-Hare orgy can lend drama to an invisible table.

Once I discovered the animal orgy theme, I knew I needed to bring it into the bedroom. I thought this horse head would look nice on my husband's side of the bed. He loves The Godfather.

Admittedly, this chair is not from Anthropologie but I think it really ties the whole look together. Nothing says commitment to a design aesthetic like animal sacrifice.



  1. I think the 'clusterfuck candles' are a winner. If people question it, simply state "Oh, we're into that sort of thing... you know, wink wink, nudge nudge..."

  2. It certainly is a "conversation starter."

  3. Whoa. That sheep chair is just, creeping me out hardcore. Eek!

  4. Holy crap that sheep chair is crazy. Unless it has a singing mechanism built in. Then I want it.

  5. The clear tables I can see. Or not see, I suppose. But that sheep chair? Pass.

  6. That candlestick holder is jacked. And all of it's giving me the creeps.

  7. You are loving Anthropologie lately. Clearly they should hire you as social media manager.

  8. No. No. And No.
    But the horse head statue? Gorgeous!

  9. @Haven: Come pet their wooly heads, my friend.

    @Mel Heth: "Baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?"

    @Joshua: I'd like to have a portrait taken on it. That's a bag of crazy you just can't beat with any ordinary chair.

    @Erin: It's a pile of mammals. Do. Not. Understand.

    @Wow: I have had a love-hate relationship with Anthro for a long time. It doesn't help that I live within walking distance of one.

    @Middle Child: Good. I'll put it under your covers.

  10. Baaa Ram Ewe! I doubt I could ever sit in that sheeps head chair. Not without some serious Babe movie nightmares going on or the Serta sheep trying to track me down.

  11. Gosh Mandy. I find that sheep chair enormously intriguing.

    Even as it inspires sleeplessness, it evokes images of sleep! Genius!

  12. One Bad Pixie: I've always wondered if the Serta Sheep were created by the same guy that did Wallace and Grommit?

    @La Piazza: Images of sleep or night terrors...*Shudder*

  13. That sheep head chair has got to be the creepiest thing I have ever seen!

  14. OMG! love your inspiration here! and you make me LAUGH!!!

  15. I think the dogs inside that glass case need to be real. I mean, until they die.

  16. I love the dogs .
    I had a table similar to the clear cube except mine didn't even have the handles .. people bumped into it a lot.
    I too think the sheep thing is creepy. really.

    I like my "new " coffee table .. we bought it at an antique shop here, it is ancient, Chinese and settled right in with the rest of our things like it had been with us forever.

  17. Do you follow the "Bloggess?" I'm sensing an odd bit of subject matter crossover. Though your reasoning is infinitely easier to follow and a tad less taxidermied.

    The clear furniture on its own would have had too much of a "Wonder Woman" aesthetic to it, I'm glad you punched it up with a pagan animal sacrifice motif.

  18. Wallace and Grommit are highly entertaining. There is another movie out by the same production company- Chicken Run. Funny stuff and yes the sheep do look the same, now that you mention it...

  19. @Robert the Skeptic: No creepier than animal heads hanging on walls, non?

    @Drollgirl: Death inspires me to ... live!

    @Logical Libby: Just like the platform shoes with the live goldfish inside?

    @Notes from Abroad: Perhaps the handles are there to keep people from bumping into it? Very practical.

    @Cary: Dead animals and fake dead animals are in vogue. I don't follow the Bloggess but know who she is. I liked her bit about the metal chicken.

    @One Bad Pixie: Now I'm curious, I need to Google it.

  20. @One Bad Pixie: Confirmed. The same company that made Wallace and Grommit were hired to do the Serta sheep.

  21. Does leather furniture count as dead animals? If so, I am in vogue as is my 11 year old furniture.

    I you'd like to laugh until your ribs hurt read the bloggess post about the taxidermy cobra/mongoose she bought over the Internet. I found it at some point while waiting for my feed reader to tell me you'd posted something new. This was a while ago.

  22. Do you remember the title? Or if I google "Bloggess, Taxidermy, Mongoose" will it come up?

  23. The answer is, "Yes."

  24. That's the one. It's amazing the oddities that you might find googling her site, in fact I think she did a post about entry terms to her site using 'Alexa.' I think my favorites would have to be mongoose, twine, monkey, and Victor.

  25. Ha! Thanks for the laugh! That is all.

  26. You know...I don't even know what to say, but somehow, I feel I must bear witness to the disaster I have just viewed.

    And so...I comment.

    I was here.

    I saw it happen.

    Yet I could do nothing to stop it.

  27. Hi Mandy,
    Have a spare room...use
    the collection in this post to
    see if it works as a "I don't
    like this room lets leave..."
    You don't have to purchase
    the sheep chair...just out line
    a spot and place a photo of
    said chair...with a note:
    "Ordered and on it's way"
    Richard O.

  28. A sheep head chair?
    Nightmare! So did you buy it?:O