Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Speak, Fear.

Sometimes I think that learning to voice our greatest fears is the very path to letting them go. We think we have some unimaginable burden that we could never share with another person. But then you stay up late talking to a friend or lover, and maybe you find a moment of safety and bravery — so you speak your truth.

Sometimes we are blessed to be heard and to receive the absolution of friendship. Of love. We are left more human, more forgivable and yes, lovable even. We may spend the rest of our lives discovering and re-discovering this. We will forget and re-learn over and over again that once we speak those fears, their power over us is diminished.

But the love between us? It increases beyond our greatest hopes. Oh to remember this. Stay, sweet Insight, stay just a moment longer.

Happy anniversary to my husband — that friend with whom I can share my secrets and fears and find acceptance there.


  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

  2. Happy New Year Mandy - lovely post. Maybe even profound.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! (Now a day late, I realize.)

    I'm so glad you two have each other.

  4. Being able to reveal yourself...warts and the ultimate expression of trust. Happy Anniversary.

  5. I love how introspective you are

    I love finding a blog that says something that stays with me.

    You and Schmutzie do that for me.

    Thank you.

  6. You know, the longer we live, the more likely it is that we see our own weakness and fallibility, and the more likely it is that we can grow in our ability to extend grace. When that happens? It's a beautiful thing to receive, and a beautiful gift to be able to offer.

  7. Thanks for reading and for all your lovely comments!

  8. This was just beautiful. I hope you and the husband had a very lovely anniversary.

  9. Beautiful post; so well said. Happy Anniversary.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I realize it's a few days late now (and I haven't been around these parts for awhile)...Another great post, as usual!

  11. Well said Mandy. May you have many more wonderful years ahead of you...

    Happy Anniversary!

  12. Hi Mandy,
    Beautiful post.
    Happy Anniversary.
    I wish you & yours
    a wonderful Holiday Season
    and a safe & peaceful New Year.
    Richard O.

  13. I loved this Mandy. I'm actually in the process of writing a post about speaking truth for In the Powder Room. It's the hardest post I've ever had to compose. So much easier writing about body parts. Happy anniversary (late, I know...)

  14. Thanks for all the happy anniversary wishes!

  15. well happy anniversary to you and your husband. clearly he is a keeper. :)