Monday, October 3, 2011

This Blogger Makes Fun of Stuff

Today I'm reviewing one of my favorite haircare products.


  1. But won't cholesterol make my hair fat? Or does it just add volume, and that should be my primary focus?

  2. I am conjuring up images of the factory that makes this stuff...filled with severely obese people having their cholesterol sucked out and jarred for purchase. (makes me glad to have fine hair!)

  3. Oh I want this stuff !
    I can't imagine the cholesterol obtaining methods but I will try anything for dry hair.
    Send a pot to Argentina, will you ? Thanks !

  4. @Joshua: Please send photos of you with a hair cap.

    @Padded Cell Princess: I think since there's lanolin in it, it's probably sheep.

    @aBroad: Sure! I'll send it on the Lewis and Clark express.

  5. In Oklahoma, we tend to get our beauty products from the equine industry. Exhibit A:

    When I used it as a teenager, you had to go to Tractor Supply to get it and it wasn't yet a "crossover" product for human use.

    Oh the lengths we will go to be gorgeous!

  6. Sort of like that Bag Balm stuff...ugh, how I hate the name though.