Monday, October 3, 2011

Dexter Season 6 Premiere Review

The sixth season of Dexter premiered last night on Showtime.

I've watched the show religiously and apparently, the show's about to get religious too.


  1. Thanks for the reminder. Now to find it online to watch somewhere since I don't get that channel.

  2. I like Dexter. I am sure that adding a religious slant to it will make it just that much twistier, as religion is wont to do.

  3. @Joshua: While researching this blog I saw a bunch of links to "watch it now." So perhaps you can!

    @Fragrant Liar: Twisty is good. I'm curious to see where this season goes ... and if this will be the last season or not. I should go google that.

  4. urgghhh so glad you linked to your review... i won't be seeing it until tonight and don't want to spoil.
    Do you watch Breaking Bad too???

  5. Haven't seen the show, but if the man in the photo is in it- I will try catching it!

  6. I need to watch this. I watched a few episodes and liked it, but for some reason didn't continue. will retry.

  7. For those of you who haven't watched it before, I definitely recommend starting with the first season and working your way forward.

  8. Geeks of Doom had a link to the first episode of this new season, and I just finished watching it. Sadly, it was edited for content and language (blurring and silences respectively), but I have to admit that I didn't mind this episode at all.

    SPOILERS AHEAD, so if you havent seen the episode and plan to, you've been warned. Let us dissect (pun intended).

    Let's first disregard the whole Quinn obviously going to propose to Debra thing. It might have it's place to flesh out this world they've created for the show, but it was a bit contrived. Especially the gunfight in the bar while Quinn was in the bathroom trying to man up. A twist would have been for Quinn to be shot coming out of the bathroom. I don't mean killed, but give the brother some balls and at least a shot to the shoulder.

    The Reunion/Joe Walker thing was a bit shaky, but I'll suspend reality enough that Dexter was only after one former classmate and not trying to take out several people at one reunion. Thugh wouldn't it be something if he had "needed" to take out three jocks for the 20-year-old murder of a classmate? Just not sure how he's going to chop up the body there in the greenskeeper's shed under the bleachers and get it to his car without some drunken classmates barging in, just looking for a place to rekindle that long lost high school fire for just one night before returning home tightly current lives. Unless they've drastically changed the composition of both chain link fencing and bleachers, and the plastic sheeting Dexter uses to create his "inside of a plastic bag," that sound of dismembering Joe's body is going to travel.

    I'm forgetting the paramedics at the beginning. Bonus points for an unusual plan to lure them out, but somehow I would think the cops would show up to a stabbing, too. Be that as it may, it was an interesting setup, if only a little poorly executed (again, pun intended).

    Angel's sister. Okay, she's the nanny, and she's a student, and from their champagne dinner conversation I think we can assume that she's both much younger than Angel, and they might not know each other extremely well because of that age difference. They have the same father, but maybe different mothers, which could explain the age gap. Anyway, she's hot, young, and the nanny, so it's 3:1 she and Dexter get their motors running at some point.

    I'm willing to suspend my belief (what's with all these puns popping up?) about Dexter enrolling Harrison in a Catholic school. I think it's an easy choice to use Cathoic, as that's something people generally know exists (Catholic schools being so popular and all, or at least more globally known), but I'm willing to believe that Dexter genuinely loves his son, and he's proven that he's willing to do whatever it takes in any situation, and providing this church influence for Harrison can be seen as Dexter's way of getting Harrison as far away from The Dark Passenger as possible.

    Lastly, I just heard a rumor that Dexter (the show) is on the chopping block because it's costing Showtime too much move to produce. Given the appearance of Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks, not to mention recurring guests from previous seasons like, I don't know, John Lithgow, Jimmy Smits, Jonny Lee Miller, Julia Stiles, it's not hard to see they've spent a lot of money on the show. That's not even counting production quality. In hope the figure it out because I love this show. A strange thing to say since we are talking about a serial killer, but it is a great show, and I'd like to see it around for a while.

    End post-mortem (last pun for today, I promise).

  9. Also, apologies for the super long comment. That went longer than I intended (we should all be so lucky), but I blame the Ambien and the fact that I'm probably not going to remember this until I see it in my email in the morning.