Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amah's Girl

I just bought this Halloween costume for my one-year-old daughter. I swore I wouldn't go all girl crazy with her. I was going to try and keep it a princess and Barbie-free zone in our home.

It still is.

But last year she was an Ewok and this year I'm strapping lady bug wings to her back. So there you go. And oh hell yes I bought the lady bug wand. So sue me. She may also happen to own a pair of bright red patent leather Mary Janes imported from Italy.

C'mon. The shoes totally make the outfit.

I'm not making her conform to gender stereotypes. I'm making her conform to fabulous. Okay?

She has also been known to rock the pigtails so hard it will make your ovaries twirl:

They are not pigtails. They are an explosion of hair happiness.

She can say "car," "baby" and "Elmo." When she is hungry she runs towards her highchair shouting, "Eat! Eat!" while she repeatedly puts her hand to her mouth. I think she is concerned that her father and I are a little slow. She also runs for the stairs and yells, "Baf? Baf?" every night before bed. I think she doubts our ability to feed and bathe her without prompting.

She said "Dada" long before she ever said "Mama." And she never really said a proper Mama. I'm not a Mommy. Long ago I decided that I would be a Mama and not a Mommy. As one friend put it, "Mama is more rock and roll."

But our dancing baby girl doesn't call me Mama or Mommy. She calls me Ah-Ma. Or Amah. She sounds like she is speaking English as a second language, which I suppose she is. It is sweet to hear her little voice in the morning, calling from the other room:



As though calling for her staff. She then pantomimes, "Eat" for me, and runs towards the TV yelling "Ehmo?" We pretty much follow her around and obey her commands. She knows her way to the park and she frequently walks her father there. Once there, she refuses to leave. I often get text messages from him, saying:

"Baby refuses to leave the park."

And so they stay for two hours.

This little baby girl runs our house. She has her father, her brother and me all wrapped around her finger. Occasionally she deigns us with a kiss goodnight, which she delivers with lips puckered like a fish.


  1. She's fabulous. I don't have ovaries and it made mine twirl. Just saying.

    And you're right about "mama." Rock on!

  2. Oh man, she's cute. I like Amah. I hope it sticks.

  3. Aw man, that is so cute! I do my hair similarly when on my treadmill and I don't look REMOTELY as cute. :)

    Demented, yes. Cute? NO.

  4. Mandy it sounds better to hear hot mama than hot mommy! Oh how I love ahma and wings and wands and red patent shoes! She will be a teen that you cant do a thing with unless you are at the mall with cold hard cash... Run with it while you can.

    You can only expose her to things, she will let you know what she likes. My guess, if she kept those happy head fluffs in she knows she's got it going on.

  5. @Joshua: I don't know if you can teach fabulous. I suspect she just has it. I could make a joke about your balls being your ovaries but that would be inappropriate.

    @Stephanie: It would be cute if it did. My husband asked that I write it down in a blog so we don't forget it.

    @The Vegetable: I rock one high ponytail on top of my head and I'm pretty sure I make people roll their eyes not their ovaries.


    I can't hear you.

    *Plugs ears*

    *Sings La La La La*

  6. *@Mandy REALLY LOUD* I have two of them and I miss the littleness of them both! Now they 'borrow' my make-up, clothes, shoes, car and at times have little broken hearts about life that bring tears to my eyes....

    Gobble her up...

  7. Explosion of hair happiness is about the best description I've ever heard.
    I loved this post.

  8. It is sweet to hear her little voice in the morning, calling from the other room:



    I heard this, and my uterus fli-flopped. More flopped. She's a darling, give her the keys now.

  9. Love this, particularly the hair explosion. Imagine how she will use her powers over all of you when she nears that dirty word (adolescence).

  10. Okay, I am totally in love with her! She is the sweetest and her anti-gravity pig tails? Perfection.
    And this line,
    "I'm not making her conform to gender stereotypes. I'm making her conform to fabulous. Okay?"
    Also perfection.
    I loved this post!!!

  11. She is incredibly adorable. I love "Amah." I bet it sticks for a long while.

  12. @Nice Peace: I will kiss her a little extra for you.

    @Amelia: Pigtails are a celebration of life.

    @Oink: You're biased!

    @Soobs: Baby needs a car.

    @Wow: Hopefully she'll be nice to us.

    @Middle Child: Thank you!

    @Vapid Vixen: You understand because you yourself conform to fabulous.

    @Eva:I do love it. I'm glad I listened to my husband and wrote it down.

    @Dr. Zibbs: Thanks!

  13. Wow, I've never wanted a pair of baby shoes for myself before but those red shoes are to die for! Dang, she is adorable and her hair explosions just made my uterus weep! My blog post today is about a website that showed me what my future kids may look like...it made me weep! Your little girl is too stinkin cute!

  14. Oh, the hair.

    The wonderful Cindy Lou of Whoville hair.


  15. insanely cute. i want imported glitter mary janes!

  16. She is too cute! When my 13-year-old niece was little, she called my Mom "Mamaw" instead of "Grandma." Now whenever we tease my mom about her big lady underpants, we call them Big Giant Mamaw Underwear.

    Surely you'll never be known for Amah underwear...or if you are, they'll be ultra sexy ones.

  17. OMG! She is so darling. And I love he "Ahama." Meg calls me "Libby."

  18. She's so cute...

    My one-and-a-half-year-old niece just started using the word 'yes' - usually she just points at stuff and makes funny noises.

    Cute little things...

  19. She is deeeeee-licious!!!

    I, too, am in love.

    Sign me up to be her minion, next Tuesday.

  20. Gracie is so adorable. I just love her...how could you not.

    Of course, I realize that that sounds SO internet creepy but I think you know what I mean!

    I also love "Ahma"...it sounds so delicate. Maybe that will be her own name for you. My daughter and I still meow at each other. That started when she was a little older that Gracie. Now when she misses me she texts "reeeoooow?".

  21. Love this. I said all the same things about my Meg and by the time she was 1 she'd cry if she wasn't wearing pink!

  22. @Padded Cell Princess: Your post made me lolz.

    @The Empress: Cindy Lou Who cracks me up!

    @Sherri: So did Dorothy.

    @Shannon: She kills it.

    @Mel Heth: I wear boring black boy shorts. They are not red patent leather mary janes.

    @Logical Libby: That made me laugh!

    @Mladen: Mine says, "Nononononono!" I should teach her to say yes.

    @Susan: Delightful. She needs minions.

    @Queen Dean: That is so cute I can't stand it. And weird.

    @MT: Stop scaring me!!!!

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  24. okay, stop...you are really giving me baby fever...too cute!!