Wednesday, July 6, 2011

He's Never Leaving Home

This morning I had a conversation with my seven-year-old son.

"Mom, how long is college?"

"Four years," I replied.

"FOUR YEARS!" he said, eyes popping out.

"Yes, but you can come home on holidays."

"Valentine's Day?"

"Oh, well, no. I mean big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas."

"I can't come home for Valentine's Day?" his eyes got bigger and more worried.

"Well sure you can come home for Valentine's Day if you want to, you can even come home every weekend if you want to..." I started to reply.

"Oh, good!"

"But I doubt you'll want to. You'll be a big college kid and you'll probably have parties and friends to hang out with on the weekends."

"What? No I won't!" he looked mortally wounded.

"Okay, okay. You can come home every weekend," I said, vowing to write this down so I can read it to him when he's eighteen.


  1. Love it!

    My daughter promised she isn't moving out. Ever. She is 16. Glad she likes me that much...

  2. @NicePeace: That's pretty sweet for a sixteen-year-old girl! You must be a cool mama.

  3. Get him to sign it to - he's going to think you made it up unless his tiny child signature is there.

  4. @Just Me: That would be seriously adorable.

  5. Oh Mandy I know... my kids tell me they want to go to school close by and then live next door to me when they're married... let's hope not I don't know what kind of mother in law I'm gonna be!!!

  6. Good plan! Write it down, for sure!

    Hey, I have a dear friend who is going to BlogHer 11 that I want you to meet. Of course, I'd rather meet you MYSELF, but since I'm not going, I'll let you too connect in lieu of me.

    Email me and I'll tell you more!

  7. I've started a book of quotes from my kids. Priceless stuff like this goes in seemingly on a daily basis. Yesterday, Drew explained how bbq ribs are made. "It's just burnt pig. They shoot the pig twice and then burn it."

  8. @Consciously Sedated: That he is. ;-)

    @Ali: Well, his dad lives just a couple houses down from me so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary if he bought a house on our block too.

    @Susan in the Boonies: You have been emailed.

    @Wow: I figure my blogs are like that book. I have Cracky blogs going back to when he was two years old!

  9. Who will give you honest fashion critiques when Cracky is off at college?! You better start training the baby girl now...

  10. Well, someone's gotta do the laundry right? :))

  11. I'm hoping no one ever tells Meg about college. Or turning three.

  12. Yes, you will want to video him, too, so you can put it on FB and YouTube. Be sure you email the link to EVERYONE in the universe. That is the only thing that will shame him when he is a teenager. Wait, nothing shames a teenager. Nope, nothin'.

  13. As an official college drop out I'm afraid I have to side with little man. Four years IS a long time!

  14. Hey, I came home every weekend when I was in college. I'm sure at some point my mom thought, You again?

  15. Mine came home almost every weekend the first year ... I was so glad, there was never such an empty house as when he first went to college.
    But then he decided he liked his friends and the house they rented much better .. sigh ... I never did find out how to make him stay home Forever !

  16. Oh yeah. Definite material for deep and profound embarrassment.

  17. Yeah I recall our daughter at age 12 was "never" gong to leave home and leave her mom. A few years later she discovered boys and the rules changed.

    Now she is in her 30's. She talks to her mother on the phone almost every day. Cute.

  18. @Mel Heth: Skype?

    @Amelia: Very funny. *Glares*

    @Logical Libby: Shhh.

    @Fragrant Liar: I have a video camera and I'm willing to use it.

    @Vapid Vixen: And I didn't even tell him that it takes some kids longer. ;-p

    @Janice: Only if you made her do your laundry.

    @a Broad: I think it has something to do with doing his laundry and making his meals...

    @La Piazza: My work is done.

    @Robert: Aw, you must be half-way decent parents.

  19. Yes, write it down. And make him stick his fingerprint on it as proof!

  20. @J.N. Ubanski: This is all getting so CSI.