Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Baby Thinks of Overprotection

This is where we prefer her to be.

This is where she prefers to be.

Yes we've considered caging her.

But she just laughs at us.


  1. She’s so adorably smiley! Although those teeth look like they could inflict some serious damage. Don’t see the problem with baby caging. Dogs seem to enjoy their kennels…

  2. maybe a harness/zipline in the stairwell. Besides, babies are mostly cartilidge...

  3. With those sharp "choppers" she looks as though she can pretty much take care of herself!

  4. Wow -- what a gorgeous kid!!



  5. @Vapid Vixen: You don't want to put your finger in her mouth. Believe me, I tried it.

    @Cary: We are not installing a zipline in the stairwell.

    @Robert: That's true. She can hurt ya.

    @Pearl: Aw, thanks!

  6. Aw... I love little teeth! What a cutie.

  7. Gaw, you've got a mover and a shaker and a complete looker on top of that. Watch out, world!

  8. Gosh, I love babies. Glad I have one...for now...weep! I can almost hear that giggle.

    So beautiful.

  9. Just be glad she is a one of a kind. Think about the Octo-Mom or people like John & Kate. They may have had help, but sometimes I bet they wish they had cages...

  10. She is too cute!

    Well, there is the ever-popular harness and leash....

    But, that always reminds me of that SNL skit with Mike Myers tethered to the monkey bars.

    Nevermind. Don't get the leash. You don't want your child growing up to be a female Mike Myers.

  11. Cuteness overload. My uterus wants one and is screaming "Get me away from here and all these boys!".

  12. I found Meg on the dining room table today, reaching for the light. I had turned my back for 30 seconds.
    A cage sounds good.

  13. @The Six-Fingered Monkey: They are sharp, so look out!

    @Mel Heth: Thank you. But you've probably seen her around Facebook. ;-)

    @See Kate Run: Hence the cage idea. We are also considering the convent.

    @Christina's World: It's the giggle that controls my every move!

    @One Bad Pixie: Solid point.

    @Eva: I can't stop laughing (in a somewhat horrified fashion) at your Mike Myers reference.

    @Twills: I'm trying not to dress her in pink but OMG the accessories are awesome!

    @Logical Libby: Oh dear.

  14. I think I have the same coffee table. Wow. Are you my Doppelganger?

  15. Oh dear. I recognize that face and that climbing stance. You have a Type T baby, Thrillseeker. I once asked if we could get points for Emergency Room frequent visits, which was considered not really very funny. Although at the time it helped me... Happily during the years anesthetic gel was developed as well as derma GLUE to replace stitches. No more needles, no more holding down a screaming boy. This was cause for celebration for us. Best of luck. As you know, the days will be long, but the years so short.

  16. @Janice: Crate and Barrel? Then yes I am.

    @Glimmer: You have nailed her exactly. She loves nothing more than being thrown in the air, or climbing high, or racing fast. My son is seven and he still doesn't like heights or going too fast.

    @Madge: I'll try. Unfortunately she's pretty quick.

  17. @Susan in the Boonies: Thank you.