Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Monkeys, Please

I never get tired of monkeys. Well, unless they live in my head.

Read my latest post at Buddha Mama Sans Drama.


  1. I could never tired of THAT particular monkey, I can tell you that!


    p.s. I really moustashe, too.

  2. There are , sadly, never enough monkeys.

  3. @Char: Me too.

    @Pearl: It's a consensus.

    @a Broad: *Laugh* I love that sentence.

  4. I live by one rule: everything is funnier with monkeys.

  5. When my monkey mind starts to dominate with negative loops of self doubt, feeling guilt for no reason, feeling unworthy to be loved,on and on ,I stop and focus on the space outside of the monkey mind and breath , And the noise becomes a deep sense of calmness ,I feel smarter not thinking at all, I know, it makes no sense

  6. I really enjoy your blog Mandy . You are a genuinely kind person with a genuine sense of humor . That is very needed in this world. I think you show this to everybody . Thanks

  7. @Logical Libby: That's because you're very wise, Libby. And logical too.

    @The Last Santa: It does make sense. It makes perfect sense especially when you're talking meditation. And thanks for liking my blog and me!