Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tall Girl in a Short Jacket

I love jackets.

I can recall a long stream of fabulous jackets going all the way back to a suede fringe number in high school. I think I wore it so much my friends started calling me "Fringes" instead of "Fish." I wish I'd kept it. (Not that I'd actually wear it, but it was such a piece of the era.)

Before this last move to my husband's house, I boldly got rid of some jackets I'd held on to for too long (or so I thought) and now my heart longs for the leopard print 3/4-length jacket that some homeless person is probably wearing now.

I thought you couldn't wear leopard after 40.

(I know I'm not 40 yet, but I like to be prepared.)

My friend Mary is a great jacket-wearer. You never see Mary without a jacket, so much so, that it's sort of her trademark. And as I am wont to do with most friends with trademarks I covet, I've proceeded to copy her over the years. This became particularly handy once I left teaching and started in the advertising world where jeans are de rigeur but one doesn't want to look slovenly.

Well, this one doesn't.

So jackets and jeans it is and has been.

I'm in a fit of conniptions over the military jackets right now. So much so that I've already purchased two and I would have bought three if the third hadn't been too short. This is the one shortcoming (ha!) of being a tall girl who loves jackets.

Forget about the jacket if it has some sort of waist detail or attached belt. Those features will likely come right under my armpits and indeed make me look like the comedy routine of "Tall Girl in a Short Jacket." This is particularly sad when the sleeves are super long and the waist is super high (as was the case with a particularly adorable khaki green camp jacket). Ah well.

Yesterday I went to return one adorable military jacket to NORDSTROM because the seam had split (I wore it twice!) and of course I couldn't return it without trying on a few more military jackets (this may be a full on-obsession and may require an intervention). The baby and I were in the large dressing room and I had Baby facing the mirror so she could watch me try on clothes (entertainment!).

As I tried on one too-short jacket after another, I watched Baby's face turn bright red. Then she grunted disapprovingly. In fact, Baby filled her pants and let me know that she thought the too-short jackets looked like shit.


Now I know I can trust Baby to give me an honest opinion.

Military Tracksuit for Infants by Juicy Couture.


  1. Yes, babies never lie.

    I also love military jackets. I also love that neck that is like the old Nehru jackets.. maybe India influenced fashion will return too!
    I have a black wool, double breasted ( with nice biggish silver buttons) jacket that looks like I might be in the Navy .. love it , goes with everything.

  2. Love it! You got her honest opinion!

  3. You said: "I had Baby facing the mirror so she could watch me try on clothes (entertainment!)."

    Entertainment? Or a teachable moment?

  4. Hah! You two will have great shopping trips together. I wore jackets through much of my career. Now that I'm retiring, I won't need many, or any. But I keep seeing great ones in the catalogs. Kinda thinking I'll buy just one to celebrate my new role in life!

  5. Not much call for jackets in South GA when it stays a million degrees for about ten months a year.

  6. I'm a House Milf, and I'm always wearing jackets even though I don't need them to go to work. But I have the problem that my cave-girl-like arms are too long for most sleeves but then if I size up the jacket is ill-fitting and looks awful. Have you ever tried They can customize garments for a very small fee. They don't have very many jackets at present, but there are a few and it may be worth keeping an eye on.

  7. Have you seen the camo jacket/blazer from Rag & Bone? I feel like you might just really love it!And they have long-ish arms (I can totally sympathize)!

  8. I love a plain black suit jacket with jeans, and also a military jacket, a khaki army jacket, ah, I love jackets too!


  9. @a Broad: I think the India style always comes back around or never really leaves completely. Non?

    @Eva: That I do.

    @Soobs: Ha! It's a mother-daughter experience. Whoo!

    @Blissed-Out: Jackets and jeans are appropriate anytime. Say, grocery shopping, for instance.

    @McGill: Don't you have air conditioning?

    @Twills: I've never heard of I'll have to check it out.

    @The Working Girl: The Leigh Military jacket? I just Googled it and yes, I do love it!

    @Ms Smack: It's like layering for dummies.

  10. Military coats, meh. But the Baby's way of expressing herself? Hah!

    BTW, really LOVED the 'last baby' piece.

  11. I suspect you're one of those awful women who look beautiful in everything she wears.

  12. I hate that most of the really cute jackets are so short. I look like I'm wearing my little sister's clothes. Then again, they can 't wear a short skirt and a looooooooong jacket like we can. 'nuff said.

  13. i haven't found a military jacket yet that looks good on me without making me look boxy...but i love rocking a blazer type.

    the jacket thing is perfect for work because you can throw one on and look like you are a banker.

  14. Oh I need jacket advice! I'm trying to find a cute leather (or faux leather) moto jacket somewhere that's not black, brown or off-white. I want grey or blue or green. Any ideas? I've checked Nordstrom, Macy's, Ann Taylor, Banana and J. Crew. No luck...

  15. @Venom: Thank you. And you can clean up Baby's next "expression."

    @Brown-Eyed Girl: You haven't seen me in my too-tight J.Brand skinny jeans. Not good. I believe Stacy London would take them out of my closet and throw them away.

    @Just LD: I love cake.

    @Char: Ha! I like to think I look like a dressed up rock star.

    @Mel Heth: I saw a ton of leather jackets/coats at Nordstrom but you're right, they weren't in the colors you're searching for...

  16. I hear ya. We've all got a little Michael Jackson going on. And when no one is looking, we put on our military jacket and try to do the moonwalk in the bedroom mirror. Or maybe that's just me.

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