Friday, October 29, 2010

Screw You, Squirrel.


  1. Maybe he'll choke on a pumpkin seed. Although, knowing you, you probably got rid of them ALL, before carving. Let this be a lesson to you and your OCD-lite.

  2. Time lapse gruesomeness... very Halloween.

  3. Oh, my goodness!! I don't know what's funnier ... your title, the picture, or Soobs' comment.

    OMG ... LMAO!!

    What would you do with your days if your didn't have "YOUR" squirrel ... ha! ha!


  4. @Soobs: Of course I scraped the inside of that pumpkin within an inch of its life.

    @Mobius: I should give photo credits to the husband.

  5. Squirrels, the bane of a homeowners existence.

    I liked it though .. one of those "corpse rotting "Halloween kind of things :)

  6. Squirrels are nothing but furry tailed rats. How long was the time lapse from start to the last picture? What would happen if you carved a pumpkin to look like a squirrel?

  7. @a Broad: The next blog in the "corpse rotting" series will be the squirrel.

    @Wow that was Awkwards: Time lapse between each photo was 24 hours. This was what we were met with each night when we came home from work. Squirrel bastards.

  8. A precarved, artificial pumpkin would fix that sqirrel's little red wagon in a hurry.
    As would a 22.

    Take scary halloween polaroids of the squirrel innards smeared all over the chewed gourd and slip them into those goodybags held up in hopefulness by costumed children!!

    Then take polaroids of the reactions of the children so you can publicly display next halloween, and at their wedding receptions.

    Sure, this could result in therapy sooner than later, but halloween trauma is part of every kid's experience.

    Please just admit it - this would be funny.

  9. :-)

    This made me laugh out loud.

    Sometimes the best posts are the simplest!



  10. It's like your pumpkin got Necrotizing fasciitis...the squirrel is an accidental genius!

  11. You are going to carve a new one right? You can't let the little bastard get away with this. When you do, put some chili peppers in it and sprinkle crushed black pepper on it. That should work.

    I haven't laughed this hard in a long time... thanks.

  12. or you could say.."Hey Kids...this is what happens when you chew tobacco!"

  13. This is a lesson of why every home owner should own a bb gun.

  14. @Eva: And he did so with impunity.

    @Pearl: A picture is worth a thousand words. Allegedly.

    @Kenny: I'd like to give him an accidental lobotomy.

    @6FM: If you look closely, you can see red pepper flakes on the lower mouth after the first day of gnawing began. It did not deter the little sucker.

    @Kenny: I should put a cigarette in his mouth. Or some chew.

    @Lindsay: Or a water gun?

  15. Okay, I'd be mad too, but since it didn't happen to ME, I'm laughing. Out loud. Great headline.

  16. Hahaha! You needed a scarecrow for your jack-o-lantern, it seems.

  17. probably best halloween post evar!

    breaking news, Pumpkin Jack gets Face eaten by rabid tree-dwelling rodent! HOARD THE DUCT TAPE NAOW.

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  19. Rodents- disrespectful little buggers...

  20. I think it is kind of sweet actually. I like squirrels.

  21. OMG! I just saw this and laughed and laughed. It is hi-la-ri-ous! Super legit.

    The only bad thing is that it brought me out of the emotion I was in from just having read the post about Cracky and Bella.

    Soap opera. Drama. Romance. Holy cow! Soooo cute though...

  22. Squirrels are awful!!! We used to get them in our wall at our old house. So rowdy at 6 a.m. they were. Those pictures are actually kind of funny though!