Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love Is Bella

"Mom, can I have two girlfriends?"


"I can't?"


"But what if I want to have two girlfriends?"

"Then you'll hurt their feelings."

That stopped my six-year-old Lothario short. I looked at him in the rear view mirror while he pondered what I'd just said.

"Well then I'll just have Bella as my girlfriend," he said.

"Does Kate know?"

"Does she have to?" he asked, looking pained.

"Yes! You have to end it with Kate before you start it up with Bella."

"I have to?"

"Yes! How do you think Kate would feel if she found out Bella was your girlfriend while she thought she was still your girlfriend?"

"Bad," he said and looked out the car window.

"Maybe we need to get rid of this whole 'Girlfriend" business. You're six."

Cracky gave me two saucer-like eyes, looking as though I'd just sentenced him to life in a monastery.

"Why can't they just be your 'friends' why do they have to be your 'girlfriends?" I continued.

"Can they be my 'friend-girlfriends?'"

I sighed.

"Bella rested her head on my shoulder while we watched a movie," he smiled a little smile to himself.

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah. It felt really good, actually." He repeated the pleased little smile.

He's six.


Six and he's staring out the car window, smiling to himself while he dreams of Bella with her blond head resting on his shoulder.


  1. Aww... Little ladies' man. He sounds adorable.

  2. How adorable is he ??!
    My daughter used to tell us every week about a different boy ( in kindergarden) that she was going to marry.

  3. ha, got a little romantic on your hands there

  4. Wow, he's getting an early start! No challenge there, right?

  5. @Rebekah: It's cute but also mildly alarming.

    @Eva: Not on my watch.

    @A Broad: Aw. That's cute. That makes me feel better.

    @Maggie May: I know!

    @Christopher: That he is.

    @Blissed Out: We'll see how this progresses.

  6. With you as his mother, I have no doubt he'll do the right thing for many years to come!

    He's a doll.

    Six? aye. They start young..

  7. Hi Mandy,
    To great parenting come
    great rewards.
    Your son is wise not to
    tie himself to just one,
    so early in his life.
    The words from his mom
    are a challenge and his
    reasoning and answers
    are terrific.
    With you as a guide, I'm sure
    your little one will grow to
    respect your sound advice.

  8. Hi Mandy,
    Forgot the following:
    Shouldn't the title be,
    "Love is Bella and Love is Kate and..."
    Just sharing a little wisdom.

  9. When I was six, I was content to walk this Scandinavian blonde named Sharon to kindergarten.

    This head-on-shoulder thing is entirely out of hand! (Or maybe I'm just jealous. LOL)

  10. My 5-year-old's kindergarten teacher told me last week that he is constantly surrounded by a cluster of little girls who want to be his girlfriend. But he is loyal only to Sophia.

  11. He's going to be a total heartbreaker in 10 years.

  12. When i was 6, i had no idea what the word girlfriend even meant.

    Kids aren't kids anymore and he definitely is going to be a playah! :D

  13. Miss Smack: Thank you. That makes me feel better.

    Raao: That's actually a better title! Want a job as a copywriter?

    La Piazza: *Laugh!* I know! I totally agree!

    Elizabeth: Aw. That's sweet.

    Mel Heth: Hopefully in the best sense, not the worst.

    Steyny: I certainly knew what boyfriends and girlfriends were when I was six. I had a pretend boyfriend but it didn't mean anything more than we were friends and I wouldn't have minded holding his hand.

  14. Oh dear. You are in trouble! How sweet though. And check you out all guiding him and him and teaching him not to have two girlfriends even though he is only six! Kudos to you! :-)

  15. Glad to have found your blog again. Love the Cracky stories. He probably chose you for a mom so he won't grow up to be a player.

  16. I just found a full on diary from my little dude filled wi oases about how much he is "in love" with a girl named Mia.
    Its filled with hearts and H+M and other adorable notes.
    Its breaks my heart that he loves her so much but at the same time, it's sweet.
    It does say that he can't wait to kiss her on the lips AGAIN!
    If this is a sign of things to come, I'm screwed.

  17. Bella sounds like a little whore.

  18. Perhaps he should become a Mormon ...

    Still - Why cant he have two?? seriously, that's a big restriction on a fella