Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm Toast.

My baby girl held her arms up to me for the first time.

Good lord.

If that doesn't pull at your heart strings, I don't know what will. Maybe it means more coming from my independent little girl. She's autonomous this one, and not overly snuggly or cuddly. You can try and squish her and hug her but she leans back. Oh, she's full of lots of smiles and laughs for you, but she's just not a hugger.

She does like to be kissed. She smiles a little smile, and if you keep doing it enough, she'll laugh.

She does show affection. But she does it by thrusting her fists into my hair and pulling. Hard. With her brother she grabs his face with both of her hands and then tries to claw his skin off. She's a rather violent lover.

But today I paused before I swooped her out of her cradle. I held out my hands and yes, I waited.

Those two little arms popped up and that expectant little face peered up.

"Pick me up, Mama. Pick me up."

Okay, she can't talk yet, but her eyes are very expressive.

Those little arms popped up like two pieces of toast out of the toaster. Bing! Just like that.

And it was love.


  1. Aw, indeed it WAS love. And the desire to travel?

  2. there she was waiting for you to wait for her. beautiful

  3. That perfect little face AND outstretched arms? Yeah, you're pretty much done for.

  4. Oh Mandy, how awesome is that?

  5. good GAWD, she's enough to absolutely melt ya!
    thank you- I needed to see that precious face right before going to sleep :)

  6. What an absolute CUTIE PIE! Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  7. She's SO cute, and she reminds me SO much of my little niece. They're only a few weeks apart, and they seem to have similar personalities. Evie said "mama" last week leaning for her mommy when my sister walked in the door after a long day. She's toast too.

  8. Oh yeah, bring on the butter and jam--you haven't got a shot. She's lovely Mandy....

  9. A special moment that you'll always remember and cherish!

  10. Yeah, that could melt even Ann Coulter's heart. Just wait until she says "mama." You might explode.

  11. I don't think I would have been able to wait for the arms to pop up looking at that sweet face. She is adorable.

    My one year old can already get his ten year old brother down on the ground and pin him by the hair pulling. It's fun for me to watch..I know it shouldn't be..

  12. @Fragrant Liar: Ha. Yes, it is a basic desire, isn't it.

    @Char: Aw!

    @Little Momma: She kills me!

    @Sere: Totally.

    @Amy: Pretty awesome.

    @Twills: She's like a puppy!

    @Lunamother: Thank you!

    @Vickilikesfrogs: Soon my blog will be nothing but babies and puppies.

    @Rebekah: That's so sweet!

    @Chantel: Ha! Thank you.

    @Eva: Yes indeed. Thank you.

    @Logical Libby: Heee. Something tells me I might be in danger of giving her everything she wants.


    @Marie: That's hilarious. I hope the 10-year-old has a sense of humor about it.

  13. I want the dancing baby, just for a while, Need a live in Nanny?

  14. Mandy, she is seriously the cutest little thing.

  15. And when she's 16, her arms will be held out to ask for the car keys and cash.

  16. Aw man. Toast, indeed. She is perfectly beautiful.

  17. @Pina: You'd have to fight her current nanny. I think it'd be ugly.

    @Mel Heth: Aw, thanks.

    @Wow: D'oh!

    @Cassaundra: Yes. That's the Dancing one. Only she's not dancing.

    @Just.Kate: Thanks, Kate!

  18. Hi Mandy,
    Thank you for sharing.

  19. Wait until she says, "Listen sister. You'd better pick me the hell up before I scream to high heaven. Then you'll be sorry. Oh yes. You'll. Be. Sorry."