Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everyone Knows You Shouldn't Blog When You're in Love

Don't the best creative endeavors come from suffering? Write when your heart aches, write when there's disaster. Your words will crackle like fire, your fingers will burn the keyboard. But if you write when you're in love, you'll never get it right no matter how you phrase it. It will always fall short, and your reader won't care.

Or maybe I'm wrong. I'm wrong about a lot, but that's my general feeling about my own writing.

So I'm in love with this little 10-week-old girl and while I do write the occasional blog, I don't post it. Do you really want to hear about how when she is just starting to fall asleep in my arms, if I smile at her, she will dreamily smile back at me as she fades to dark? Do you want to hear about how when she's sleeping next to me, if I push her on her back, she immediately rolls back on her side to press her face, arms and tiny feet against me?

Because that's the kind of stuff I've got. It's all coos and gurgles and sure, the occasional scream. But it's all love, no matter the decibel.


  1. So precious. And yes, I want to hear about that stuff!

    Glad you're enjoying every moment. :)

  2. Yes, you should blog about this stuff because you are right - so much of what is out there is with the suffering.

    Put it this way, I feel like writing a lot again. Things have turned. So I'd appreciate reading your good things more regularly. Bring it.

    PS - so glad all is well.

  3. I know what you mean.

    I don't blog about happy very well.

    But yes, I would love to hear about those things, but only coming from you. You have a way of making even the most mundane and mushy shit sound interesting and readable.

  4. It sounds wonderful.

    Sometimes we need a simple smile.

    Thank you!

  5. I'm glad that you are both happy!

  6. Is there any love as primal as a parent for a child?

  7. I say bring it on! All that you write = good. My pen ran out of ink when my daughter turned 6 months, and I've been too busy to refill it for a year! So I say, go, go, go!

    Life sounds heavenly!

  8. How many times do we have to say it??????

    Yes. Yes. and YES!!!! WRITE IT! (when you want to)

    I remember those feelings and you bring them right back! I looooooooove my teenagers but nothing compares to those feelings you have when you are first discovering your new baby!

    I COMPLETELY agree with can take ordinary and make it interesting. So when you are working with extraordinary...

  9. Yes, please. Happy stories about babies are wonderful. "Suffering for the sake of art" ... it's been done to death. :-)

  10. I SO want to hear all of that and more.
    If I can't actually hold and snuggle and kiss a baby right now, I can at least read about it ...
    so get to blogging woman ! and please, give her a gentle kiss on the tip of that tiny tiny nose from me.
    un beso, Candice

  11. I check every freaking day for a blog from you. Today, finally, there was one! After like 50 thousand years.

  12. Was just thinking the other day how long its been since your corner of my feed reader has changed.

    Don't your son, husband, or trainer cause you any amount of strife that would make good blog fodder? There's gotta be something...

    Oh well, knowing that there is blissed out happiness in someone's universe would be nice to hear about as well.

  13. I like the fact that you are aware of this and kept it short(ha , I'm joking with you, sort of) It depends on how it is written .I usually want to vomit if someone writes about their wonderful relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend. But this is fine. In fact, perfect.

  14. Even though I don't blog anymore on Myspace, I can't delete any of the stuff I wrote because it's all about LOVE! I hear you and I am happy to hear that you are enjoying every minutes of it.

    That's good stuff!

  15. Yes. That is precisely what I want to hear.

  16. Hi Mandy and her little ones,
    This post is the sunshine in
    a very dark world.
    Your posts are priceless &
    I hope you save them for
    your family.
    Thank you for sharing.

  17. No, I'm a guy. I only like to read about guns and violence and stuff. None of this "love my baby" smooshy gushy stuff.

  18. beautiful and precious - and she will love reading those to her little girl (or boy) one day.

  19. @Mel Heth: The moments are probably more precious because they are limited. I'm running out of maternity leave.

    @Wow: I'll have to go read your blog so I know how things have turned. You've piqued my curiosity.

    @Chrissa: Thanks!

    @Mike: I forget that simplicity can be a good thing.

    @Svaha: Thank you, sir!

    @Eva: No. It astounds me, quite honestly.

    @Christina's World: I hope you get that pen working again soon.

    @Queen Dean: Thank you for reminding me that someday she will be a teenager. Har.

    @Blissed-Out Grandma: Yes, but your name gives you away. ;-)

    @Taticat: Okay, that makes me want to write everyday, if only to please you. :-D

    @Candice: You asked, and I delivered.

    @Cary: Oh, I've got all kinds of inner strife, but I just didn't want to sound like I was whining. Most of the blogs have been about my concerns about having to leave my daughter once maternity leave is over. Argh.

    @The Last Santa: Sometimes brevity is best. Especially when you're unsure of the subject matter. Thanks!

    @Just LD: Ha!

    @Who Wants to Dust: Thank you, ma'am.

    @Jennie B: Okay.

    @Raao: Ah, it's good to be sunshine.

    @Alex: Ha!

    @Char: That's sweet.

  20. Well, you know I really understand a lot more than I let on. I hope you know ,even if it was long, I would have devoured the entire post with enthusiasm . I enjoy what you write

  21. We want to hear about it, if you want to share.

    Some love has to stay in the hearts and minds.

  22. Love it and share it with you xx