Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Everyone Knows You Shouldn't Blog When You're in Love

Don't the best creative endeavors come from suffering? Write when your heart aches, write when there's disaster. Your words will crackle like fire, your fingers will burn the keyboard. But if you write when you're in love, you'll never get it right no matter how you phrase it. It will always fall short, and your reader won't care.

Or maybe I'm wrong. I'm wrong about a lot, but that's my general feeling about my own writing.

So I'm in love with this little 10-week-old girl and while I do write the occasional blog, I don't post it. Do you really want to hear about how when she is just starting to fall asleep in my arms, if I smile at her, she will dreamily smile back at me as she fades to dark? Do you want to hear about how when she's sleeping next to me, if I push her on her back, she immediately rolls back on her side to press her face, arms and tiny feet against me?

Because that's the kind of stuff I've got. It's all coos and gurgles and sure, the occasional scream. But it's all love, no matter the decibel.