Friday, October 16, 2009

Kindergarten Love

"Mom, I have a girlfriend at school," Cracky announced and then caught himself. "Is it okay if I have a girlfriend?"

"Sure, you can have a girlfriend."

"Remember at daycare Miss Kathy said I couldn't have a wife until I graduated from college?"

"Yes, I remember," I said and stifled a snort. "So who's your girlfriend?"

"Her name is Kate and she is very beautiful." He pursed his lips and then smiled a secret smile to himself — half-pleased, half-embarrassed. And then his little cheeks went crimson.

My god. The boy is smitten, I thought.

"What color hair does she have?" I asked, checking to see if he was staying true to the blondes.


Good boy.

He sat there with the same pleased look on his face and it was so tender, so sweet, I felt I would burst. Did you know five-year-old boys got like this? I didn't.

"Is Kate in your class?" I asked.

"No, she's in the class next door. But I go over there to do the calendar with her. That's our job."

"Oh. Do you get to see her at lunch or on the playground?" I wondered how my little Casanova had wooed a girl from another class. Love knows no boundaries, I guess.

"Yes. I eat lunch with her everyday."

My eyebrows shot up. This was obviously serious.

"She is the most beautiful girl I ever saw."

Because I couldn't contain the adorableness, I immediately texted The Boyfriend to update him on Cracky's new relationship status.

"He's in love," The Boyfriend responded. I paused and stared at the screen. My initial reaction was to laugh, but then I reconsidered.

"Are you in love?" I asked Cracky.


"With who?" I replied, still surprised, half-expecting him to say he was in love with me, his mom, of course.

"With Kate," he said, simply and certainly.

So there it is.

And I won't laugh at it. I still remember the boy I loved in Kindergarten. I was in love with Jason for the first half of elementary school, until he moved away. And then I loved him a while longer — until blue-eyed Eric moved to our school. 

Those childhood loves are still just as real to me as any other I have loved.

Is that odd?

I was always faithful like that. Cracky is too, it appears. He was "married" to a girl in daycare for two years, despite Miss Kathy's Rule.

We are lovers, the boy and I. Romantics, through-and-through. I wonder if Romanticism is Nature or Nurture? Are you born with a willingness, an eagerness to love? Are we all? I do love to see the world through my son's eyes, and to witness the newness and innocence of schoolyard love. As I write this, I remember standing with Jason and Robin in the doorway of the elementary school. Robin had announced her love for Jason, right in front of me, Jason's known best friend and suspected, besotted, unspoken-for girlfriend. 

Robin demanded that he choose.

"I choose Mandy," he said.

And I'm quite sure I stood in that doorway with the same little smile I saw on Cracky's face last night.


  1. If you thinks it's love, and it feels like love, then it's love.

    And I think it's a little nature and nurture together. So kudos on the the good genes and great parenting!

  2. tres cute...

    wait til the doorbell starts ringing and the girls start bringing him cookies and he starts acting all cool and stuff.

  3. -I still have a soft spot for my third grade boyfriend, like you wouldn't believe:p When I think of him, I remember kickball games and climbing trees, and his feats of daring do. I'll always love the innocence of the whole thing.

    I think maybe romantics are born with that kind of heart (could be hereditary), but the wrong environment can definitely stifle it, so either way it has a lot to do with you;)

    Kate is a lucky girl!

  4. awww your son is so sweet!

    thanks for sharing xo!

  5. Awwww... this story is so sweet. It took me back to my first crush Timmy in 1st grade... oh the memories...

  6. I think it's nurture. I think it has a lot to do with how your parents are. A lot of my affection that I have for women comes from the fact that I'm a Momma's boy. (God I hope that doesn't sound Oedipal.) I'm not afraid to love someone publicly.

    It's pretty cute though, I can almost see him smiling in my mind.

    I feel bad for Robin though.

  7. My six year old can't seem to choose. He claims he is going to marry whomever he is with. How's that song go? Love the one you're with..

    You have a cool kid. Pat yourself on the back. You are by far his biggest influence of course.

  8. Way to go, Cracky!

    The first girl I had a crush on is still probably the most intensely I've longed for someone...which I know now was influenced heavily by raging hormones. First loves don't necessarily mean anything but they can definitely knock you on your ass.

  9. My first instinct was "Get a photo! You can use it at the slideshow at their wedding!" Man, I love wedding slideshows...

    Have you seen Modern Family? The Columbian hottie's son is my favorite tv character in years. Such a little romantic.

  10. Crack is a junior babe magnet! I'm not surprised...he is the sweetest thing after all!

  11. Mandy McAlpine... *smiles*

    Smalls :)

  12. funny, my mom had pictures of me and my first boyfriend. i was four. i remember nothing about him. so odd that i don't.

    i do remember loving greg brady though. seems like i always fall for a dork.

  13. Greg wasn't a dork. He was totally groovy, Char.

  14. So cute! I still remember daddy confiding in me that our son had told him he kissed a girl but "don't tell mommy, okay?". He hasn't gone to school with her in 2 years and he still says "she's so beautiful. I love her."

  15. Awww, that is the sweetest thing!

  16. Our children are so much fun that they make up for all the work that parenting is. Peace, howie

  17. Awwww. I remember that the boy that I was sure I was going to marry at age 4 had me worried because he wanted be a police officer when he grew up. I was sure that that job was way too dangerous and I didn't want anything to happen to him.

  18. Cracky love sounds wonderful. If only it were that simple...

  19. LOL your Cracky and my Samshine are "peas in a pod" ..Lovers..Samshine informed his mother he is "IN a Relationship" I rmember the first girl I was sooooo smitten with I followed her every where like a puppy. Then when it came time to rollerskate with her I was too shy.Finally, it all changed agter that "special class". You know that one in about 5th grade where they take the all the girls to the gym or another classroom for a special presentation. As a boy we were all confused and curious about the special class. Then when the girls come back it was all so different. They never looked at us the same! :-)

  20. I had a boyfriend i loved in pre-k. We were together for a while until the transition to 1st grade, where he left me for my "best friend" Elizabeth.

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  22. This year in SK, my daughter had to break up with her boyfriend from JK, because his best friend was jealous of them. Life's hard lessons come early, it seems.


  23. That was such a cute post! Love it!

  24. How wonderful, my K kid also loves out loud and proud. She tells me all about the love triangles in her class. Like you i discuss it and don't ever dismiss or judge, it's lovely they they see someone who they are crazy about and recognize it as love. The older one however is very shy about it and doesn't see the need for a boyfriend yet... that's ok too.

  25. That is crazy cute. My kindergarten love was Eric too. Not the same one as yours I'm sure. Unless...hey...were you that little blond tart that kept trying to sit next to Eric at the lunch a table? If so, no hard feelings about that cupcake okay?

    I really did have an Eric though. (And I really am sorry about your cupcake.) Once in class he showed me a picture he drew of himself throwing a grenade at the teacher. He was such a rebel. I was enthralled.

  26. Hi Mandy,

    When do you meet Kate's family.

    Children: priceless.


  27. That is adorable. I'm still friends with my preschool boyfriend. It's fun to look back on those memories - and sounds like fun to relive them with your little one.

  28. Can I just say, I think you're handling it beautifully. I was very jealous, especially when my 6yr old son said that Annelise was THE most beautiful girl in the world.
    What about me? I wondered.
    He even wrote a beautiful love letter that I found and have stashed away to show him at a later date.
    It reads:" I am loving Annelise, she is unbelievable and it's a secret. It's so obvious, but I don't tell her. I love you Annelise, I can't stop loving you. I know that I do not deserve you. I am too happy about you. You're beautiful you see, I love you. Annelise, you rock."
    How's that for devotion?

  29. I'm glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting and informative.

  30. Your little boy is a sweetheart. :-)