Saturday, April 11, 2009

Zombie Chicken Blog Awards

My friend and fellow blogger Char was kind enough to give me a Zombie Chicken Blog Award:

"The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all..."

Char also commented that I was the least likely to tag five of my favorite bloggers. Well, I take that as a challenge! A direct slap to the cheek with her lambskin glove. Prithee, dear Char, I will tag, and I will tag five bloggers with impunity.

First and foremost, I nominate my newest and most favoritist blogger, Becky at Steam Me Up, Kid. I actually spent my evening last night reading through each and every one of her blogs since 2006. That's a rarity for me. It's been a while since I read a blogger who took me by surprise, who grabbed me and shook me by the shoulders and said, "Engage, woman!" Several times as I read her blogs last night, I sat with my eyes closed, my entire body shaking with laughter, as I read her words and recognized myself in them. She wrote a blog about her father a few days ago that left had me laughing in the beginning, and literally weeping by the end.

I forwarded it to the boyfriend, so he could read it.

God damn, I have to take my hat off to a writer who can make me laugh and cry within the span of an internet blog. If she wrote a book, I would read it cover to cover and keep it in my bookshelf to read again. I want to steal her from her real life and keep her in my pocket to whisper my secret thoughts to and giggle with over a coffee. I wish she were a tiny little gnome and portable like that.

My second Zombie Chicken Award goes to Gilmore, at Pretty on the Outside. He is so wickedly funny, I can't believe the turns of phrase he spins on his favorite reality television shows. I have to admit, you have to be a reality television whore to appreciate his blogs, and his blogs on The Real Housewives series are his most inspired work. Gilmore is unusual in that he is not only a hilarious writing talent, he is also a gifted artist. Each Pretty on the Outside blog is accompanied by Gilmore's pen and ink drawings of the characters on the show, penned under the influence of a glass of cabernet.

The third Zombie Chicken goes to Prosy on Toast. She's really captured me this week with her tales of working in a religious hair salon. Upper lip waxing and holy sperm is a win-win proposition in a blog, if you ask me. She also recently wrote about a college roommate whom all her readers suspect was a bit of a sociopath. I enjoy reading about roommates who give out free blowjobs to visitors and weigh themselves naked in the living room for all to see. That's the real life information I'm looking for in a blog.

My fourth choice goes to a relatively new voice to me on Blogspot, Just Kate at Dear Buddha, and she's another blogger who has really captured my attention this week. In fact, this morning she wrote a blog that was so honest and real, it stood out because the rest of us seem to be on a "Look How Funny I Am!" kick (I know I have been). Kate reminds me that the good stuff is the real and raw stuff. I have to admit I've been keeping those real blogs as drafts lately because the Trolls have gotten the best of me. I've withdrawn my soft underbelly from the public and have gone back to the safe land of humor. Perhaps Kate can coax me back out by example.

My last choice is not last in my heart, but actually first. Julie at Sweet Herald is a long-time friend and blogger, the artist formerly known as Tits McGee from Myspace. She first caught my attention for her over-the-top, laugh-out-loud, cover-your-mouth in shock sense of humor. She writes what we all think, what we all wish we could say, and there is such a joyous freedom in her writing that it'll make you spit your morning coffee out. I miss the days when we would practically goad each other in our blogs to out-crass and out-perv one another in our writing.

So check out my writers and friends. You won't be disappointed. I'm only sorry there weren't ten Zombie Chicken Awards, or twenty. As you can see my blogroll there to the right is pretty lengthy. Go ahead and click through them if you're looking for a surprising new voice.

XXOO (don't touch me),



  1. Writing is fundamental. Too.


  2. *shakes fist* awwww you hadda do it. LOL the name was so weird that I had to do it too.

    I'll take the slap was worth it to see you pimp some folks out. I'll check them out.

  3. Pretty on the Outside. Great name for a blog.

  4. This totally made my morning.
    Thank you, friend.

  5. I LOVE Steam Me Up Kid. Brilliant!


    Where does this person live? I there a waiting list to be a visitor? Should I bring nachos?

  7. You KNOW you're my badass little pocket gansta sprite!

    Thank you for saying those things, Mandy. I'm so happy I made you do the shaky laugh, that's my favorite.

    And I'm so glad you made it out of my archives. I was remembering old posts last night and slapping my forehead, like, Aw MAN! She read THAT ONE!!?

  8. Like Char, I love when you pimp too. Can't wait to check these out!!!

  9. Damn it, I had created an account here long ago and never bothered to use it or even sign in.

    Now you've gone and done it! I signed and followed all these crazy steps and added all these bloggers of yours to my list.

    Argh! I've been duped. I can feel it.

  10. Great bloggers !!! I read all their latest posts and will be going back to read more !! I couldn't find the FOLLOW button on Dear Buddha's tho. Thanks for turning me on to them !!!

  11. You're one of the only pimps I trust;) *snicker*

    SMUK is freakin hilarious in comments ALONE!

  12. Oh my Gahd. I feel like I've been dancing around in my underwear only to turn around to see my neighbors peering through my window. But they're the neighbors I've wanted to meet. So... it's shocking, and I'm self-conscious, but quite pleased enough to sit here and giggle nervously.

    Thank you :D

  13. Steam: Mkay.

    Char: I tol' you.

    Zibby: Quite fitting for reality television too.

    Sweet Herald: Good.

    Scandalous: She's scrumptious.

    Adam R: You can get all sorts of stuff fo' free with crazy.

    Steam Me Up: I read 'em all, grrl.

    GSG: My pimp hand is strong.

    Tati-tati-cat! Yay! You've come over to the dark siiiiiide!

    Vicki: I think it's allllll the way down on the bottom of the page.

    Mona Lott: She's a quick wit, that one.

    Just Kate: That's what you get for leaving the door unlocked.

  14. "Zombie Chicken Blog Award"
    As you are now Royalty
    this means no touching :( the Queen Of England.


  15. Here here! Congrats to all you zombie chicken winners :D

  16. Thanks so much Mandy! I've never won anything before- this is a big day for me. I feel so lucky I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket.

  17. Oooo, I'm gonna have to go check all these out!

    I totally love the artist formerly known as Tits McGee's blogs.