Friday, December 19, 2008

I Want to Spray You All Over

People say our love is wrong. They tell me I'm too dependent on you, that this love is crazy. But they don't understand how I feel about you. They don't know the way you make me feel. Where are these naysayers when I've got the jitters and I'm not feeling right? They're not there to soothe me, they're not there to make it alright.

Nobody but you, lover. No one else will do.

I stare into your sapphire stillness and when the light hits you just so it's like an Adriatic dream set in azure flames oh my lovely. My lovely, lovely, liquid-blue lover. They don't know you the way I do.

If I could take you, hold you in my hands, and spray the world with you, I would dear. You know it's true. I would spread the world with your love, and you'd leave the world a better place in the way only you can do. You take the weary, the begrimed, the downtrodden and besmirched, and you dissolve all the ugliness away. What was once brutish and dumb, is born-again at your touch. You take my overcast view and rinse it anew the world is awash with light shining through my despair. You make me believe again.

I believe I can baptize all the sins of yesterday away, and even a filthy sinner like me can begin again.

You have restored my faith, aquaean lover.

Oh, I've tried others. Pretenders. Pale shadows. None are so true, none smell quite right. I'm sorry for those moments of weakness I was captivated for the moment by a cheap imitation, I admit it. Their acrid stench followed me wherever I went and I knew it was wrong. Oh it felt wrong. They left me feeling dirty, like a film of sin remained wherever they touched.

There will never be another, you know it's true. You make the anxieties and worries go away you make our home a shelter.

I love you, Mr. Cerulean, ultramarine lover. Blue like the blue of foreign seas, blue like the summer skies of childhood, blue like the blue of heaven. Blue speaks to me of truth and beauty, there is no other color for you.

If I could, I would spray the world with you.

If I could, I would spray you all over me, baptizing myself, leaving behind a squeaky clean soul, a reflective heart and a streak-free mind.

You are the Original, Windex. I want to name my babies after you. Babies with lapis lazuli eyes.

Brillo Sin Rayas! Brillo Sin Rayas!

I hear you whisper in my dreams.


  1. Hand me a tissue please, I think I'm going to cry. *Sniff, sniff*

    ~Mickey Joe~

  2. Awesome...

    I love all the ways you described the color of it. Very well done! LOL.

  3. Mickey Joe, you're an obsessive-compulsive romantic, I can tell.

  4. Do you dip parts of your body in it when they are injured, a la "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?"

  5. You say that as though it was an odd thing to do.

  6. You make me smile!

    And it has been a rough night..

    Glad you are here!

  7. there is nothing like blue windex and the original pinesol...this is very true. just the orginal magic erasers and baking soda, classics never go out of style.

  8. Excuse me. Did you say Pinesol?

    I don't think we can be friends any more.

  9. a billion years ago i fell in love with a short story. i still haunts me and i knew there was something in your subject matter, phrasing and rhythm... but it wasn't until this entry that it clicked.

    if you have a few minutes ( its a quick read ) see if you see what i mean::

  10. alright google :: pamela zoline + heat death of the universe

  11. an oldie, but a goodie.


  12. Lapis lazuli, now there's an alliteration for you.

    p.s. My dad got laid off days before you announced your sad dismay. He recently got hired into a better paying, better suited position over his laid off job.

    There are success stories happening. I'll cross my fingers for you. It may seem odd, unclose as we are, but I think about you and your state of mind constantly. Not in an obsessive way. Just a good natured, "I really hope it is all well with her." type way.

  13. Wow. Just wow. I almost feel like a voyeur.

  14. Amazing. I feel clean yet dirty after reading that. Bravo.

  15. No wonder you're so very sparkly. :) *spritz*

  16. I'm feeling kind of dirty. You better squirt me.

  17. I am now singing to myself, "I wanna spray you all over... and over again. I wanna spray you all over... 'til the night closes in.

    'Til the night closes in!"

    I need a life.

  18. I start to get a bit queasy there for a minute then I was all, wait, I remember this ;)

  19. My windex is jealous. I have to lock it up now to keep it from making a pilgrimage to michigan.

  20. I'm like the pied piper of glass cleaners.

  21. I was hoping you weren't talking about is that gifting time of year, y'know

  22. Hi Mandy,
    Priceless. :)

  23. The hard part isn't spraying someone all over you, it's cleaning it up before it coagulates.

    Sex Mahoney for President