Monday, April 23, 2007


I have had a strange obsession with Roomba ever since I heard of a little robot that would do your work for you. As a self-avowed and unrepetant lazy person, it seemed a match made in heaven. I'd be equally excited about its hard floor scrubbin' cousin, Scooba, if my kitchen floor were bigger than a welcome mat.
But it's not.
So my love for Roomba has gone unabated, yet unfulfilled for many a month. Alas, my beloved Roomba was out of my price range. That is until the IT guys at work let me in on a little Web secret:
Do you know about Woot? Woot is a site which features one product per day, at super-low bargain basement prices. I suppose they buy one product in mass quanties, and then unleash it on the public. It's first come first serve in the world of Woot.
Today, one of the IT guys came into my office, giddy. (And you know how rare it is for an IT person to attain giddiness.) After hearing me wax poetic about Roomba, my dream-lover, my fantasy floor-slave during many a forced birthday lunch--he ran like a man possessed to my office when he discovered that Roomba was on Woot today.
Not only that, while the other IT guy had scored a Roomba for $250 a few months ago, a new and improved pragrammable Roomba was on sale today--and today only--for a mere $139.
I immediately whipped out my Visa and began typing furiously.
"Wait, you're not seriously going to buy it, are you?" He was surprised and laughing.
"I wasn't kidding about my unholy love of Roomba. And I wasn't kidding about being the world's laziest person."
"Can we play with it when it comes?" He asked, excited.
"I'll think about it."
Woot! Woot!
This lazy girl is excited about entering the robotic age. Just in time for my 36th birthday. I figure Roomba was cheaper than Botox.


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  2. As an IT guy, I can vouch for our near-inability to become giddy. Now I have another site I have to check daily. Damn.

  3. You're quickly filling up my bookmarks folder! First this blog, now Woot!
    and I have been eying the Roomba since the first time I saw one in a Sharper Image.. one of these days

  4. Haven't I read this somewhere before? Such wisdom. Would you be my personal guru?

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